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Forever Love

Assignment #8. Prompt: drawer. Form: ode. Device: apostrophe. I am cheered to see you again, though it was unexpected. I had thought the drawer to be empty, opening it simply on a whim. Recklessly abandoned inside this dark coffin, you … Continue reading

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Breaking Glass with your Fingers

Assignment #7. Prompt: Fingers. Form: Prose Poetry. Device: assonance. It feels very powerful, breaking glass with your fingers. Of course you score it first, carving a crisp, clean line across the otherwise scratchless surface. The carbide steel cutter makes a … Continue reading

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The sun eases into the molten lava of the evening sea, a willing sacrifice to the gods of time. The glorious sky imprints its beauty on my eyes and in my mind, branding its memory as a tribute to this … Continue reading

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Cat Plight

© Maggie C, WhatRhymeswithStanza.com, 2015

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Spelling it Out

Assignment #3. Prompt: Trust. Form: Acrostic. Device: Internal Rhyme. Many think acquisition is what it’s about, Affirmational memes that give wishes more clout. No blindered belief can create from thin air. Intention sows seed, to be tended with care. Fruits … Continue reading

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Limerick One

Assignment #2. Prompt: Journey. Form: Limerick. Device: Alliteration. In March he was merely a mite. all fuzzy and brilliantly white. Started out as a pup, and he’s now all grown up. Seems my Eskie transformed overnight.

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Haiku One ~ Water

bathroom faucet drips incessant like a toothache reminds me to floss

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