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The Literary Styles of Pets

    The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Animal

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Story Time

“What story do the things you wear tell about you?” (The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Outer Layers) The story I portray, the story I live, the story you tell yourself about me, the story I tell myself about me… Do … Continue reading

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  I opened my mind once; pulled that ring on the pop-top lid and peeled it back. It made a scritchy noise, that aluminum on aluminum sound you hear when you pull the tab on your favorite cheap canned beer. … Continue reading

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I wanted to get away from it all, even though I didn’t know what “it all” was exactly. I just knew it wasn’t where I was, and it wasn’t sitting within the same walls and looking out the same windows … Continue reading

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Eight Things

Eight things I wouldn’t want to be: I.  A big fish in a small pond.   II.  Just another brick in the wall.   III.  The lone fire hydrant in a dog park.   IV.  A sitting duck.   V.  … Continue reading

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Brooding Faces

The Daily Post Discovery Challenge: Portraits

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Couch for One (Plus One)

A Shared Journey Ψ  Getting Acquainted 1.8 your “therapist look” what lies hidden behind that nonjudgmental mask 2.3 what will she ask me or will she ask nothing – yet wait for my reply 2.4 I trust you and yet … Continue reading

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Look Beyond the Obvious

hidden agendas are rendered conspicuous by shadows they cast The Daily Post Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice

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Thank you for your recent reply. Okay, so technically you didn’t respond. But may I humbly submit that your nonresponse was, indeed, your reply. Actions speak louder than words. Non-action can speak just as loudly. And your non-message has come … Continue reading

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Blended Identity

wholly interknit by time and proximity nature’s artistry Discover Challenge: Identity

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