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green grass

The Daily Post Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

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Cat Wisdom

This post is based upon a post I wrote for a prior blog I maintained in a previous lifetime. Cats are amazing creatures. Not just the whole landing on their feet thing, although that is pretty impressive. But think about … Continue reading

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The Greatest Sound in the World

Unity ~~ harmonic voices sing as one to the beat of hearts aligned in love The Daily Post Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

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“How do you open this darn thing? I can never remember.” Someone finds the button, and the black box pops open into an odd wedged shape. “There! Is there film in it?” “Dunno. Take a picture and find out.” “Oh, … Continue reading

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Supercize Me

Today’s Daily Post Discover Challenge asks us to celebrate our Superpower. I don’t generally contemplate superheroes and superpowers. I didn’t read comic books as a kid, and I didn’t play with superpeople action figures. If there were superhero video games … Continue reading

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Look What I Found!

This week’s Discover Challenge at The Daily Post asks us to look back at our blog posts for this past year and find a way to build on or synthesize our best work of 2016. My best work? Well, having … Continue reading

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On the Cusp

As one year ends and another queues up for its grand opening, we sometimes find ourselves pin-balling from remembrances of the year(s) gone by, to plans and hopes and dreams for the year(s) ahead. For now I’m indulging myself in parsing … Continue reading

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at the very least

One ring, two Chinese characters, how many meanings? I didn’t know, and so I asked. Second symbol first: goodness, kindness, charity, … I was told. First one second: it goes without saying… absolutely… at the very least… It’s hard to explain, … Continue reading

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Enquiring Minds

Way back in another lifetime, like about 25 years ago, I wrote a bi-weekly column for a tiny local newspaper. The focus was mostly about my family and the joys of raising two bright, beautiful daughters; daughters who had lots … Continue reading

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beginning, middle, end

… of a sonata: …of a train: of a duel: The Daily Post Discover Challenge: One, Two, Three!

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